Resources available for your practice

The following resources can help facilitate your treatment of patients affected by Duchenne. Download the Prescription Start Form and patient support materials below.

PTC Cares™ Brochure

PTC Cares Brochure

Everything you need to know about the prescription process and patient assistance programs for EMFLAZA.

Prescription Start Form

Prescription Start Form

Get your patients started on EMFLAZA by completing the form and faxing it to PTC Cares.


Understand the DAW guidelines for prescribing EMFLAZA in your state.

Resources available for your patients

By providing your patients/caregivers with these educational materials, you can help them better understand EMFLAZA. Download these materials and pass them on to families living with DMD.

Caregiver family information card

Caregiver Family Information Guide

Clear and concise information about the benefits of EMFLAZA and PTC Cares. Inside, there is a helpful discussion guide as well.

Medication information card

Information card

Designed for caregivers to record the patient's medical history and current medications in one place.

Duchenne communities

Help patients and caregivers find a support group in their communities
There are many organizations created to help families living with Duchenne.

PTC Peer Navigator Program

This program connects new patients and their families to families familiar with EMFLAZA who can provide support and guidance.

To be connected with a PTC Peer Navigator, email or call 1‑866‑282‑5873.


This nonprofit organization supports Duchenne-related research and features events, workshops, and webinars on their site. Visit to learn more.


Muscular Dystrophy (MDA)

There are more than 150 MDA care clinics in the United States and Puerto Rico with each location home to a full team of healthcare professionals. To find a specialized MDA clinic near you, visit or call 1‑800‑572‑1717.


Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) Certified Care Centers

PPMD centers provide comprehensive care and services specifically for people living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. These centers strive to provide accessible and comprehensive care to as many patients and families as possible. Centers certified by PPMD can be found at


PTC does not warrant, whether expressed or implied, that the list of centers is accurate or complete. PTC does not recommend or endorse any center, hospital, or healthcare professional included above for any purpose, nor is the list to verify a center’s, hospital’s, or specific healthcare professional's credentials or qualifications. It is your responsibility to select a center, hospital, and/or healthcare professional appropriate for your needs, and you assume full responsibility for your interactions with any center, hospital, or healthcare professional you contact through the center list. PTC is not responsible for the medical care or advice given by any center, hospital, or healthcare professional you choose to contact.

PTC cares patient Support

PTC Cares helps your patients gain access to EMFLAZA

PTC Cares is a patient support program dedicated to helping your patients gain access to EMFLAZA. Our team of dedicated case managers are here to offer support and answer any questions you may have about accessing medication, support, services, and financial assistance programs.

PTC Cares and the prescription process

Once you and your patient have decided on EMFLAZA, help get them started on treatment by understanding the prescription process of PTC Cares.

PTC Cares™

For Information about PTC Cares
Call 1‑844‑478‑2227
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